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Truck Equipment

Reliable truck camera and sensor solutions
With a team of highly experienced truck-specific engineers, Motormax are changing the face of the truck installation sector. We supply and fit truck camera, sensor and DVR systems across the whole of the UK.

Motormax Truck DVR

When you need it most, it's there
Our DVR system comes with a vast selection of capabilities to meet your needs, all securely stored on our highly reliable backup system. Whether you are looking to monitor fleet vehicles in real time, or simply retrieve vital evidence following an incident, our DVR systems will empower your logistics offering.
With a wifi solution, vehicles will automatically connect when they come into range of the building's wifi connection. Footage can then be retrieved from the vehicle's DVR.
Our 4G solution offers the complete package. Connect anywhere with an internet connection and gain access to features such as Live GPS, Live Footage, Geo-Fencing and download data anytime.

Motormax Advanced Truck Audio Systems

Professional tuning for maximum effect
Award winning audio equipment for maximum truck sound.
Greater sound depth
Surround cab sound
Concealed fitment
Powerful, clear and optimsed
Our truck sound solutions replace the vehicle's factory installed system, concealed entirely from view. The audio enhancement is a game changer, bringing the sound position forwards to envelope the driver and passengers in rich, deep sound with optimised clarity. Once you experience the difference there's no going back. This is how your cab audio should sound.
These provide your deep, low pitch bass sounds and do not require much storage space
Amplifying the speakers, the amp also controls the tonal balance of everything you hear
These allow the deepest pitches possible, using the power from the 'live' active loud speaker
Available for speaker upgrade and subwoofer, with plug and play installation
From our entry level package our audio system is incrementally upgradable to suit your requirements. Contact us for an audio specialist advice on truck installation. 

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