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Direct Vision Standard (DVS)

Motormax van equipment
Motormax provide solutions for the forthcoming London-wide legislation.
What is happening?
Vision Zero aims to eliminate all road deaths and serious injuries by 2041. It wants to ensure the street environment incorporates safe speeds, behaviours, street design and vehicles to target road danger at its core. To achieve this, a Direct Vision Standard (DVS) and a safety permit for all vehicles more than 12 tonne will need to be issued.
Double Engage Motormax parking sensors for cars, trucks and vans.


Who will require a permit?
Vehicles over 12 tonnes gross vehicle weight (GVW) will require a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) safety permit to be able to operate within Greater London starting from October 2020. They will be issued from October 2019 and will be enforced from 26 October 2020. This is the same date heavy vehicles will need to meet even stronger Low Emission Zone (LEZ) standards within London.
Motormax utility water company camera solutions
How can Motormax help?
Motormax have a great deal of experience fitting commercial safety systems, using our own sensors and camera technology we have developed ourselves over time. Our commercial equipment is thoroughly tried and tested, and our range covers key aspects of the DVS legislation, as well as future-proofing beyond the 2024 deadline. A focus of the requirements involve improving the driver's ability to see cyclists and pedestrians from a high up cab position. We can enable you to eradicate blind spots from your vehicles.

Motormax utility water company camera solutions
How many stars do I need?
To indicate the level of risk to people near the vehicle, a star rating system will be put in place. Zero stars is denoted poor, up to five being considered excellent. In 2020 any HGV can be registered, even zero star rated vehicles. In 2024 there will be a review and the minimum DVS star rating will be increased to three stars. Known as the Progressive Safe System, any additional technology or equipment that becomes available in 2024 will be taken into account. Vehicles that are rated zero, one and two stars by 2024 will no longer be able to enter London. 
Motormax utility water company camera solutions
What equipment do HGVs need?

Mirror Requirement: In the UNECE Regulation 46.², class V and VI mirrors should meet the fit requirements.
Rigid Vehicle Sensor Requirement: Rigid vehicles should ensure that the sensors covers either six metres down the nearside or one metre from the rear of the vehicle, whichever is smaller.
Articulated Vehicle Sensor Requirement:
Tractor units should be suitably positioned to provide sufficient coverage, but preventing activation solely on articulation of the trailer.

Motormax Solutions: Our Corner Scan and Side Scan sensor kits provide reliable audible and visual warnings for the driver and the pedestrian, ticking every accreditation box.
Motormax utility water company camera solutions
Motormax utility water company camera solutions
Blind Spot Camera: A fully operational camera monitoring system shall be fitted to the nearside of the vehicle.
Motormax Solutions: We supply and fit Motormax AHD quality Side Cameras and Mirror Monitors available as quad or single screens, fully compatible with Motormax DVR systems.
Rear Signage: Warning signage must be displayed at the rear of the vehicle, as opposed to instructional signage.

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